Media Packages

Showcase your vehicle the right way!

Our Media Team network consists of countless incredibly talented photographers.

Because potential buyers aren’t always able to see the vehicle in person it is up to us to accurately advertise the vehicle through photos and/or video. This includes showing the vehicles from all angles while ensuring its true colours, lines, features, and any applicable damage or flaws are shown.

Please speak with your assigned sales consultant for more details on pricing and options.

Exterior Photos

Website Inventory Photos

These photos provide an accurate 360 degree representation of the vehicle, showing it from all angles.

Exterior Detail Photos

Getting those close up shots as well showing any imperfections or flaws.

Engine Bay Photos

Every vehicle requires multiple engine bay photos. On the random one-off vehicle where the engine is inaccessible, please provide any photos of it from when it was purchased the car or it was last at a shop for service – whichever is most recent.

Interior Photos

Website Inventory Photos​

Interior photos highlight the full cabin which includes but is not limited to the steering wheel/dash area, the main cabin view, and the seats and back of the cabin. A photo of the odometer is always required and if the vehicle has back seats, trunk, or frunk, those are required images as well.

Detailed shots of the interior show off all applicable vehicle features and are used to depict the true condition of the seats, dash, etc.

Social Media Photo Sets

Show off your vehicle to our 300,000+ followers!

Social media photo sets typically include shots that highlight the best and most captivating angles/features of the vehicle. Each social media photo set consists of roughly 6-8 photos. 2-3 social media photo sets are included in our basic photography package.

Video Add-Ons


Videos are a great way to show off your vehicle. Not only do they typically get more exposure and engagement on social media, they can give potential buyers a better representation of the vehicle.

Below are two examples of Instagram Reels.

Videos formatted for YouTube

While short-form vertical videos tend to be best for social media, high quality widescreen videos are always a great way to showcase a vehicle. We can include videos uploaded to YouTube with all vehicle listings!

Below is an example of a video we filmed of a Lamborghini Huracan that was upgraded by our service facility.

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