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The August Global Vehicle Consignment Program offers our clients an industry-leading way to sell their vehicles no matter where they are in Canada and beyond.

Our network of trusted Service Facilities play an important role in ensuring all vehicles being sold are thoroughly inspected to meet August Certified standards. Being a part of our Service Facility Network opens the door for you to increase revenue for your business and become listed as one of our trusted partners!

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Read through our commonly asked questions!

August Motorcars has become renowned for selling some of the most incredible vehicles in the world.

August Global takes this a step further – providing owners of these vehicles with the opportunity to sell them from anywhere across Canada (soon to expand) without the need for them to be physically present at our dealership.

Depending on where the vehicle is located, we will require the vehicle to go through a thorough inspection process at a trusted service facility.

If the vehicle requires any repairs or maintenance, we will also enlist facilities in our network to perform this work.

Being a part of our Service Facility Network opens the door for you to increase revenue for your business and become listed as one of our trusted partners!

Let’s look at a hypothetical example:

We have a client in Toronto looking to sell their vehicle through August Global. Before being listed for sale, it must be inspected by one of our trusted Service Facilities.

Our team will identify an appropriate Service Facility near where the vehicle is located. We will then contact the facility and schedule a time for the inspection and any required service/repairs to take place.

All Service Facilities are vetted by the August Global team to ensure they have all proper certifications and experience.

At the end of the day, being a part of our network means an opportunity for more business and more revenue for you!

There’s also potential for valuable exposure on our social media via content sharing or re-posting when your facility performs work on the vehicles we sell!

As our network continues to grow, we will also have a public list of our trusted Service Partners which qualified facilities will be a part of!

All reputable Service Facilities are welcome to register!

Through August Global, we focus on selling exotic, high-end luxury, and specialty classic vehicles located throughout Canada with plans to expand in the near future.

Facilities with experience in exotic and other high-end brands are required in most cases.

Both OEM dealership service centers and independent shops are welcome.

While we invite all types of Service Facilities to sign up, please note that only those deemed qualified to work on the vehicles we sell will be contacted. 

We are currently mainly looking for Service Facilities from throughout Canada however we plan to expand into the US and eventually overseas in the near future.

If you are not located in Canada, you are still welcome to register!

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